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Hi, this is Travis Walker with The Law Offices of Travis R. Walker.

A question we often get is the level of control and the record-keeping requirements for guardians and guardianships and wards.

In Florida, if a guardianship is set up then there is an annual accounting that’s required by the court and that way the court has the ability to oversee, specifically through the clerk’s office, whether or not the ward is being well maintained. Unfortunately, sometimes wards get taken advantage of so that’s the Florida court process in order to make sure it’s actually beneficial for both the guardian and the people who care about the ward to make sure things are being done properly.

First, the guardian has a level of assurance and certainty that no one’s going to come after them because it’s being checked off on by the courts and then the people who love and care about the ward has a level of certainty that yes in fact the guardian is doing their job. Call us if you have any other questions about guardians.