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emergency custody order in florida

How to File an Emergency Custody Order in Florida

Parents with custody disputes typically negotiate to establish a mutually acceptable parenting plan and present it to the court for approval. If parents
how can a mom get full custody in florida

How Can a Mother Get Full Custody in Florida?

Florida law generally prefers that both parents participate in raising children. Thus, courts will usually grant each parent time with their children. It
How to Avoid Alimony in Florida

How To Avoid Alimony in Florida

Learn strategies for avoiding alimony in Florida. The Law Offices of Travis R. Walker, P.A., can help you understand Florida’s alimony types and
moving with child after divorce

Can You Move Out of State With a Child After a Florida Divorce?

Divorce is a transformative event that reshapes the lives of the separated couple and the children. In recognition of this, Florida has child custody
is alimony taxable in florida

Is Alimony Taxable in Florida?

Alimony is a key component of many divorces. One partner may be required to make payments to the other after the marriage is
what happens if i dont sign divorce papers

What Is the Difference Between Motions to Enforce and Motions for Contempt?

Understanding motions to enforce and motions for contempt is imperative for those involved in family or divorce legal proceedings. These motions ensure both
cost of divorce in florida

What is the Cost of Divorce in Florida?

The expenses associated with a divorce can pile up, from legal fees to child support and beyond. In Florida, the cost of a
is a spouse entitled to inheritance after divorce?

Is a Spouse Entitled to Inheritance Money After Divorce?

Divorce is a complex and emotionally challenging process. One of the most emotionally charged issues is the division of assets and property. One
divorce checklist florida

Divorce Checklist Florida

Divorce Checklist Florida If you’re going through a divorce, having a divorce checklist in Florida can help you navigate the process. Consult with the
estate planning checklist

Estate Planning Checklist for Florida Residents

Estate Planning Checklist for Florida Residents Proper estate planning is crucial for individuals of all ages and income levels. With a well-crafted estate

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