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Grandparents reviewing if a will avoid probate

Does a Will Avoid Probate in Florida?

While a valid will is an essential component of any estate plan because it allows you to control the distribution of your assets ...
what qualifies for annulment

What Qualifies as a Marriage for Annulment

Judges in Florida grant annulments in cases where the marriage wasn’t valid from the start. Sometimes, a valid marriage becomes invalid based on ...
Right of Custodial vs Non-Custodial Parent

Right of Custodial vs Non-Custodial Parent

Going through a divorce or legal separation can be a challenging and complex process for parents. While Florida law presumes it is in a ...
retroactive child support

How Far Back Can Child Support Be Claimed?

When a child spends the majority of their time with one parent, the other parent typically has to pay child support for housing, ...
collaborative divorce vs mediation

Collaborative Divorce vs Mediation

Divorce doesn’t have to mean a costly, months-long legal battle. Amicable, affordable alternatives are available. The Law Offices of Travis R. Walker, P.A., ...
does alimony stop after retirement

Does Alimony Stop When You Retire?

Does alimony end at retirement? It can. Florida Senate Bill 1416 abolished permanent alimony in 2023. This law also empowers payers to petition ...
Elder woman working on last will with attorney

What Are the Four Major Components of a Will

 Understanding the four key components of a will ensures the document’s clarity and legal validity. The testator’s information, declaration of intent, beneficiary designations, ...
calculating child support

How To Calculate Child Support in Florida

Figuring out how to calculate child support in Florida can be confusing. The challenge can be even more difficult when dealing with an ...
pros and cons of irrevocable trusts

What Are the Pros and Cons of Irrevocable Trusts?

Irrevocable trusts are attractive estate planning tools when you have assets to protect, but serious financial risks exist. It’s important to seek personalized ...
how long is probate in florida

How Long Does Probate Take in Florida?

How long does probate take in Florida? The answer depends on many factors unique to each case. Estate administration deals with complex issues, ...

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