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Guardianship and Attorneys

What Is the Difference Between Guardianship and Power of Attorney?

In Florida, when you give someone else power of attorney to make decisions on your behalf, you can still make those decisions on …

Son and dad having a discussion

How to Get Guardianship of a Parent in Florida

Becoming a Guardian in Florida The simplest way to become a guardian over either, or both of, your parents is by having them …

Girl with stuffed animal with guardianship attorney in background

How to File for an Emergency Temporary Guardianship in Florida

Emergency Guardianship in Florida Suppose you are seeking temporary guardianship of a minor child or incapacitated adult in Florida, but you cannot wait …

Signing for attorney fees during divorce

Who Pays for Attorney Fees in a Divorce?

No default rule specifies which party pays attorney’s fees in a Florida divorce. Rather, the divorce court will look at several factors and …

Man taking off ring after annulment

What’s the Difference Between an Annulment and Divorce?

Annulment legally declares a marriage void from the beginning or voidable because of a defect discovered during the marriage, whereas divorce ends a …


Who Gets the House in a Divorce in Florida?

There is no standard answer on what happens to a couple’s house when they go through a divorce in Florida. The marital assets …

Woman reading through divorce papers

What Happens When You Get Served Divorce Papers?

Getting served with divorce papers might be confusing and stressful, to say the least. If you are served with divorce papers, you would …

Husband and wife talking about divorce

How to Tell Your Spouse You Want a Divorce

Divorce – How to Break it to Your Spouse The decision to divorce may be the result of much deliberation, but that does …

Couple preparing for divorce

How to Prepare for Divorce in Florida

Steps to Take Before Filing a Petition for Divorce A petition for divorce may come as a surprise, but often there are warning …

Man looking at watch

How Long Does a Divorce Take in Florida?

How long a divorce takes in Florida depends on several factors, primarily whether the divorce is uncontested or contested. The former usually proceeds …

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