Florida Criminal Defense Lawyers

If you’re facing a criminal charge, you need a skilled and knowledgeable advocate to fight for you. Even misdemeanors carry penalties that can negatively impact your future. An experienced Florida criminal lawyer with in-depth knowledge of the Sunshine State’s criminal justice system can protect your rights and ensure you get the aggressive defense you deserve. 

The Law Offices of Travis R. Walker, P.A., has proven criminal defense lawyers with deep experience fighting for the rights of those accused of crimes. We understand the impact a criminal conviction can have on your life, and we leave no stone unturned in your defense.

How Can a Florida Criminal Defense Attorney Help You?

An experienced criminal defense attorney in Florida can fight to get charges reduced or dropped, protecting your rights from initial questioning through the conclusion of your case. Your attorney helps you by:

Qualities of a Skilled Florida Criminal Defense Lawyer

When choosing a criminal lawyer in Florida, look for someone with the following qualities:

  • Legal experience and knowledge
  • Reputation and track record
  • Professionalism and integrity
  • Communication skills and client rapport

Our Florida criminal defense lawyers have in-depth knowledge of the state’s criminal laws and procedures. Moreover, we have fierce advocates skilled at crafting defense strategies that identify and exploit the weaknesses in the prosecution’s case. 

We are dedicated to helping clients through some of the most difficult times of their lives as efficiently and compassionately as possible. Our clients have praised our professional and personalized service, leaving client testimonials noting our passion, attention to detail, and ability to get positive outcomes.

When Should You Hire a Florida Criminal Defense Lawyer?

Never wait to talk to an attorney. Hire a criminal defense attorney as soon as possible when the police want to question you, you get arrested, or you learn of a warrant against you. You have a right to an attorney at any time. 

An experienced attorney will ensure you do not say something that law enforcement can use against you later. They know the tricks the authorities use to elicit confessions. A skilled attorney can also stop the questioning immediately if they sense the police aren’t upfront about why you are there or the evidence against you. They also know when authorities must release you if you aren’t under arrest.  

People without lawyers sometimes receive convictions and sentences they don’t deserve. The sooner you contact our criminal law firm in Florida, the sooner we can protect your rights and build your defense.

Types of Criminal Cases in Florida

Our accomplished criminal defense attorneys in Florida help people accused of various crimes. They can fight to prove your innocence or fight for a more favorable result.

Misdemeanors and Felonies

Florida punishments for misdemeanors and felonies include imprisonment ranging from 60 days to life sentences and even the death penalty. We can handle any level of crime and help you navigate potentially life-changing legal processes.

Whether you face misdemeanor or felony charges depends on the severity of the offenses and the specifics of your case. For example, marijuana charges depend on how much you possess, and theft charges depend on how much you are accused of stealing. Meanwhile, all burglaries are felonies, ranging from third to first-degree.

Our Florida criminal lawyers have an in-depth knowledge of the elements that prosecutors must prove, and we know how to spot flaws in cases. When necessary, our lawyers work to secure plea deals favorable to our clients. We also argue mitigating sentencing factors in front of judges that may lead to shorter or less restrictive punishments, such as probation.

Sealing or Expunging Records

Florida law allows you to file to seal your criminal history record or expunge a criminal charge under certain circumstances. Sealing your record hides it from the public but not from certain licensing or criminal justice agencies. Expunging your record means physically removing hard copies and deleting records from databases. 

Sealing or expunging your record may allow you to apply for more jobs and pursue other opportunities. Our attorneys can help you file the mandatory applications and make compelling arguments as to why you deserve to have your record removed.


Florida law allows for a fine of $500 to $1,000 and imprisonment of up to six months for a first DUI offense. Subsequent offenses carry more severe penalties, with the fines and sentences increasing with each additional conviction. Drivers may also have their licenses suspended or revoked. 

To fight DUI charges, our attorneys will investigate any discrepancies in police reports and review the evidence that led to your arrest. We can also fight to reduce DUIs to lesser offenses.

Probation Violations

You may be arrested in Florida for probation violations, such as committing other crimes, failing to complete drug treatment, or failing to report. These violations can result in imprisonment for your original crime or new charges.

When applicable, our attorneys will argue that your violation was unintentional. If a judge rules that you did violate your probation, we will argue for the least restrictive alternative punishment.

Civil Traffic Citations

Civil traffic citations in Miami don’t result in criminal penalties but can significantly impact your life. Traffic violations can result in hefty fines and points on your driver’s license. If you accrue too many points, the state may suspend your license. You may also face higher insurance rates.

Our knowledgeable attorneys can help you fight tickets by collecting evidence, such as blocked road signs or discrepancies in police accounts of your actions.

Working With an Experienced Criminal Lawyer in Florida

Throughout your case, an experienced attorney can answer your questions, explain critical parts of the criminal law process, and work with you to pursue the best outcome. You will work closely with your attorney during several stages, including:

  1. Initial consultation and case evaluation: Your defense begins with asking and answering sometimes difficult questions. Your attorney needs a complete picture of the circumstances of your case and how the police handled it.
  2. Developing a defense strategy: Experienced criminal law attorneys have helped people in similar situations and know which defenses are available under Florida law. They can investigate, identify the weaknesses in the prosecution’s case, and build a defense.
  3. Preparing for court appearances: Generally, your attorney will advise you never to speak unless the judge asks you a direct question or you are testifying. They speak for you and prepare you if you testify.
  4. Communication and collaboration throughout the legal process: Our attorneys engage clients and their families at every step so they know what to expect next.
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Frequently Asked Questions About Florida Criminal Law

Being charged with a crime is stressful, and people often have questions about the process. These are answers to some of the more common questions we hear from our clients.

Do I Need an Attorney if I’m Charged With a Misdemeanor?

Hire an attorney regardless of your charges. A misdemeanor conviction can negatively impact several parts of your life and carry potential jail sentences. A conviction now could also affect future charges and sentencing.

Should I Explain My Side to the Police?

Never talk to the police without your lawyer present. They often tell people that things will be easier if they cooperate, but that is a tactic to get people talking without a strong advocate present to protect their rights.

Should I Accept a Plea Bargain?

Only accept a plea bargain on the advice of an experienced attorney. A plea may be a way to get a conviction without actual evidence. Let your attorney review any offers and determine if they can seek to reduce your charges or sentence before committing to a plea that could change your life.

What Happens if I’m Charged in Florida but Live in Another State?

Depending on the charges, you may be able to post bond and go home with some conditions. A judge may allow your attorney to speak for you in court for minor charges. If the judge orders you back, you must comply or risk an arrest warrant.

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