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Business litigation, also known as commercial litigation, often involves disputes of a non-criminal nature that arise from a business or commercial-related transaction. When you own a business, you are at risk for legal actions from a number of different enemies. A former employee may attempt to sue you, alleging wrongdoing on your part. Past customers or clients may bring a lawsuit citing many different reasons. Another business you worked with may also feel that legal action is warranted against your company. Your business partners may not see eye to eye with you anymore. All of these are examples of business litigation and require the knowledge of an experienced business litigator.

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Content last modified: May 21, 2024

Our Business Law Attorneys

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“Effective legal representation in business disputes involves strategic guidance, meticulous evidence analysis, and skilled negotiation to achieve favorable resolutions.”

-Travis R. Walker | Founder and Philanthropist

What Our Business Litigation Lawyers Do

We have a team of lawyers and paralegals who specialize in business litigation, and our primary goal is to act as a resource for all your legal needs. Our team can provide advice and guidance as you set up your business, ensuring you follow all regulations and laws to protect it from litigation. In addition, we’re here to help protect your business from legal action by others if it unfortunately occurs. It is not uncommon for companies to face legal disputes, and when this occurs, you need a team of experienced lawyers to stand up for you in court. We can represent your business in many different types of legal disputes, including, but not limited to:

  • Breach of Contract: This is one of the most common types of business litigation. You may have to sign numerous contracts with vendors, partner businesses, clients, and more. If there are any breaches of these contacts, you’ll need an experienced lawyer to represent you.
  • Employment: When you have employees, there is always a chance that you could face legal disputes claiming unfair treatment. We can represent you in wage and hour disputes, discrimination claims, breach of employment contracts, and more.
  • Class Actions: Businesses are often named as the defendant in class-action lawsuits where numerous plaintiffs allege the same wrongful action. Our team can help build a powerful defense for your company if you’re faced with a class-action suit.
  • Shareholder Disputes: Minority Shareholders may bring a lawsuit against corporate officers if they feel their interests have not been protected. We can defend you in any situation involving shareholders, helping to protect your business. We also help guide Minority Shareholders to help protect their interests when bullied out of the business they helped create.
  • Insurance coverage claims: Business insurance policies generally include strict conditions for defense, indemnification, and payment of claims. Our business attorneys verify that timely and proper notices are given to insurers and that the business receives the full benefits available under its policy.

Protecting Your Business from Meritless Claims

Because Florida is an employment-at-will state, both the employer and employee can terminate the employment with or without cause, liability, or notice. This means that there is no wrongful termination statute in Florida, and employers do not have to provide cause in order to terminate an employee’s job. While this is beneficial to employers and businesses, it also creates the perfect environment for frivolous and meritless claims that allege employers have violated the Federal and Florida Civil Rights Act. Employees who have been terminated may grasp at anything they can in order to receive monetary compensation, even if it isn’t justified, so it’s important to have a lawyer to protect you in claims like these.

Helping You Make Sound Partnerships with Other Businesses

When you partner with other businesses, whether it’s a materials supplier or vendor, it’s essential to have clear and defined rules. Our team can help you draft contracts for your business partners and also review contracts presented to you by your partners. We’ll make sure that all aspects of the agreement are reasonable and will advise you if there are any questionable terms. With the help of our legal professionals, you can feel confident when you enter into any business agreement and well-protected if partnership disputes arise.

Mediation for Commercial Disputes

Business litigation does not necessarily involve a lawsuit in federal or state court. Under certain circumstances, the parties can refer a matter to business mediation, arbitration, or some other alternate business dispute resolution process. A Stuart business lawyer from our firm can advise you on the potential benefits and disadvantages of mediation and represent your best interests through every step of the process.

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Choose Business Attorneys You Can Trust

Our team has a deep respect for the time, energy, and effort that business owners devote to their companies and the risks they take every day in their operations. That’s why we’re here to provide a wide range of legal services to protect your investment and help it succeed and grow.

Among other services, our business attorneys can assist with:

  • Selecting the optimum form of corporate entity for your company (e.g., C corporation, LLC, etc.), filing certificates of incorporation and articles of organization, and drafting corporate bylaws or LLC operating agreements.
  • Drafting and negotiating contracts with vendors, distributors, sales agents, and other business associates that reflect both parties’ best interests.
  • Representing your best interests when breach of contract issues arise and exploring all possible remedies that might be available to an aggrieved party.
  • Developing documents for business expansions and investments.
  • Reviewing and negotiating office lease documents and purchase or sale agreements for commercial real estate.
  • Bringing legal action against former employees who share confidential and proprietary information with competitors in violation of employment agreements that include restrictive covenants, confidentiality provisions, and clauses precluding the solicitation of a business’s clients or customers.
  • Advising on buy-sell agreements among business owners and partners.
  • Representing majority or minority owners to resolve shareholder disagreements before they lead to a dissolution of the corporation.

When you need a business lawyer in Stuart or elsewhere in Martin County to address these or other corporate legal issues, trust the Law Offices of Travis R. Walker, P.A. for knowledgeable, experienced advice. Whether you need to initiate litigation against another party or you have been named as a defendant in a commercial dispute, our attorneys are ready to bring about an outcome that is most favorable to your business.

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If you are a business owner looking for a lawyer to provide advice on business dealings or representation for a lawsuit, our team can provide the service you need. Our business litigation lawyers have many years of experience. They can help your company ensure legal compliance with all local laws and regulations and fight back against any legal action by employees, customers, or other businesses. We are here to make sure your business is protected and that you aren’t in a position where you could be forced to pay a settlement or judgment that ruins your company. Please reach out to us today for more information or to schedule a consultation.

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