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Our firm understands the frustrations and pain that defective drugs and products inflict on consumers. We select projects that ensure that victims are well compensated. These cases are handled on a contingency fee basis, where we do not get paid unless we recover for you. Our office is currently involved in the following mass torts.

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Bair Hugger (Knee and Hip Infections)

The manufacturer of the Bair Hugger knew or should have known that the product increased the likelihood of infections during knee and hip implant surgery. Despite this information the manufacturer failed to redesign the product. Damages to clients range from death, amputation to irrigation and debriedment.

Opioids (Representing Government Entities)

The manufacturers, distributors, pharmacies and pharmacy benefit managers failed to report suspicious drug prescriptions and created a public nuisance with the marketing tactics, over prescribing and failure to curb the diversion of opioids. We represent governmental entities seeking to recoup damages from this epidemic.

Johnson and Johnson Baby Powder (Talc)

The manufacturer of Johnson and Johnson Baby Powder which contains talc failed to warn consumers of the increased risk of ovarian cancer and mesothelioma when women use the product. Damages to clients range from death to complications from ovarian cancer.


The manufacturers of Taxotere (a chemotherapy drug for breast cancer) failed to warn patients and physicians of the increased risk of permanent hair loss (alopecia). Taxol, a competitor drug, we argue does not include the side effect of permanent hair loss but is also a more effective chemotherapy treatment. Damages include complete baldness to patches of baldness. Inflammation of the bowels is also a potential side effect.

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