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The Law Offices of Travis Walker, P.A.’s website provides educational resources for people seeking information and support for personal legal matters.

Expert Knowledge

After years of public service and charity involvement, Attorney Travis Walker decided to dedicate his professional practice to advocating for people in need of an unbiased support system. Thus, The Law Offices of Travis Walker, P.A. (TRW Law) was born.

A requirement for working at TRW Law is a service-oriented mindset. Life doesn’t always work out the way you think it will. When you’re facing an unforeseen change that has the potential to negatively impact your life, you need someone on your side who has a genuine interest in protecting your best interests. Our entire team is focused on anticipating, recognizing, and meeting our clients’ needs. We make it a point to fully understand your situation prior to developing a custom approach.

Travis’s passionate practice attracted top talent across the state of Florida. Our celebrated attorneys have worked tirelessly to build The Law Offices of Travis Walker, P.A. into the supportive, wide-reaching law office it is today. The success of TRW Law may be credited to the specialized knowledge and empathetic approach of its attorneys and legal staff. With the firm’s expanding pool of legal expertise, the firm has been able to grow into a prominent law firm handling a wide range of legal matters. The team has expanded to 6 in-house attorneys who have deep experience litigating cases relating to family law, real estate law, personal injury law, and business litigation at the trial and appellate levels in both state and federal courts. TRW Law has offices located in Stuart, Tallahassee, and West Palm Beach, where we are able to provide strong support to clients living across the state of Florida.

All of the content on this website is regularly reviewed by Attorney Travis Walker, a practicing attorney and longtime client advocate. He is a dedicated, compassionate attorney who has made a name for himself as a brilliant legal writer and thought leader. Travis has been quoted and featured in the media many times to help provide context for complicated legal matters of high importance.

Now a recognizable face in the Florida legal scene, Travis is passionately involved in the everyday happenings of TRW Law. This involves maintaining an energetic presence on the law firm website, He writes the majority of the website content as well as personally reads, researches and verifies information shared across the website. To ensure the accuracy and integrity of our written content, Travis refers to his years of litigation and legal research experience along with the knowledge provided by his esteemed colleagues at TRW Law. External tools he uses for reference are LexisNexis and both national and international media outlets.

Contributors and Credentials

Mr. Travis Walker attained his Juris Doctor from the Florida Coastal School of Law in Jacksonville. He is a member of the Florida Bar, the United States District Court, Southern District of Florida, the United State District Court, Middle District of Florida and the Washington State Bar. Travis is based in our main office located in Stuart, Florida.

Travis continues to serve his community as a member of the Port St. Lucie Sunset Rotary Club, St. Lucie County Economic Development Council, Board Member for the Jensen Beach Chamber of Commerce, the Port St. Lucie Historical Society, The Traveling Youth and the Hibiscus Children’s Center. In addition, he was also welcomed as a judge for the 19th Judicial Circuit of Florida Teen Court, the City of Port St. Lucie Police Department Youth Court, and the St. Lucie County Young Floridian Scholarship. You can read more about Travis here.

Travis is a Florida native who has been active as a volunteer in the community from a young age. Becoming a legal professional was his answer to helping people at a higher level, and practicing law brings him great joy. The creation of TRW Law has allowed Travis to solve disputes in the areas of family law, real estate, estate planning, business litigation, personal injury, and a wide range of complex contractual matters.


The TRW Law website was created with the goal of educating readers and providing them with the accurate, relevant information needed to understand and make decisions regarding personal legal matters.

The TRW Law Team practices ethical journalism. Every piece of content on this website has been objectively verified. only presents clear, unbiased information and reports facts from trustworthy, traceable sources, linked to within the content.


The Law Offices of Travis Walker, P.A.’s objective is to interpret the complications surrounding personal legal matters. When possible, readers will find the articles and website content devoid of “legalese” (the technical language of legal documents that is often hard to understand).

The Law Offices of Travis Walker, P.A.’s Audience

The Law Offices of Travis Walker, P.A.’s audience includes, but is not limited to…

  • People who are considering initiating divorce proceedings
  • People who have been served marriage dissolution paperwork
  • People who would like legal assistance in child custody negotiations
  • People who are seeking legal representation in probate court when it comes to validating and carrying out the will of a loved one
  • People who are in the process of planning their estate
  • People who have suffered due to the negligence or carelessness of others and would like to know their rights
  • People who want to know more about the process regarding personal injury claims
  • People who are purchasing or selling real estate and would like to fully understand their rights throughout the process
  • People who are experiencing life changing difficulties with their family members
  • People who operate a business in Florida and are seeking experienced legal support
  • People who are pursuing guardianship for their loved one
  • People who want thorough, unbiased, and educational information about the legal landscape
  • People who are interested in retaining an attorney for their personal legal matters
  • People who are currently engaged in ongoing litigation and have questions
  • Currently practicing attorneys
  • Members of the media, researchers and experts

Topical Coverage

The attorneys at Travis Walker Law act as strong advocates on behalf of clients all over Florida. Subsequently, the content on this site incorporates educational and informative articles covering family law, personal injury law, real estate law, divorce, child custody, probate, estate planning, business litigation, guardianship and a wide range of complex contractual matters.

Travis Walker’s direct personal experience from which he pulls inspiration for the topics on this website includes real estate law and civil litigation. In addition, he has personally covered a wide variety of family law matters, such as divorce, child custody arrangements, and probate. Travis’s esteemed colleagues offer insight into topics based on their experiences in criminal, family, real estate, business, and personal injury law.

Throughout the website you will find regularly updated information on state and local news, educational articles focused on legal matters, and so much more.

Editorial Control

Attorney Travis Walker employs editorial control for content published throughout the TRW Law website. Travis encourages suggestions and feedback from colleagues and attorneys within TRW Law, who may at times recommend topics and changes for the website based on the evolving needs of its readers. The website operates independently of external influences, though Travis may consider external ideas and sources to complement the content. The website publishes only original content and does not accept money for advertising.

Reader Engagement

The team at The Law Offices of Travis Walker, P.A. invites you to contact us with feedback and questions. TRW Law is committed to supporting people just like you. If you’re experiencing a distressing legal matter, we are here to help.

Editorial Integrity

Travis Walker declares these guiding principles as integral to responsible legal journalism.

Focus on Value

The attorneys at The Law Offices of Travis Walker, P.A. are committed to protecting people going through incredibly tough times. In the same vein, our content creation process is entirely centered around providing value. We strive to create an online space that is a source of comfort for our clients and their families

Act on Reason

The content published on this site goes through a rigorous selection process to guarantee it is wholesome, helpful, and altogether centered around educating people on the inner mechanics of legal matters. Many personal legal matters involve delicate conversations, and our goal is to ensure the content is positioned to support acting on reason over passion.

Produce Truth

Successful litigation is built on facts; as such, the content on our site is comprehensively researched and backed by industry experts. Our goal is to produce content that we are confident in guaranteeing to be supportive, accessible, and practical when it comes to educating clients and their families. Travis Walker ensures the content across the TRW Law website is created by arranging facts in a meaningful context.

The Law Offices of Travis Walker, P.A. Content Types

TRW Law provides a focused collection of content for our readers.

Evergreen Pages

These pages are written with the goal of sharing background information into The Law Offices of Travis Walker, P.A.’s history, attorneys, and practice areas.


The articles contained in our Blog are regularly updated with the goal of educating the public about personal legal matters. In addition to useful articles, Travis Walker relies on his expertise to select Florida state and local news that is both relevant and impactful for Florida families.

Resource Guides

We have purposefully included information to help individuals and families. Our lists of FAQs cover family law, divorce, personal injury, and probate. It is essential to remain prepared for the different stages of life, and our firm is here to help you through them.

Office Locations

Would you like to meet us in person? We have offices in Stuart, Tallahassee, and West Palm Beach.


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Linking Policy

Travis Walker welcomes external organizations, individuals, nonprofits and other law firms to link to the website if they share our vision of educating the public on personal legal matters. TRW Law does not allow other websites to directly paste pieces of content, but rather we request our articles be shared in full and hyper-linked to the original source content, in order to fully represent the accurate and valuable information contained therein.


The Law Offices of Travis Walker, P.A. tries to correct erroneous information in a timely manner. If you see an error anywhere on the site, please contact us to report the inaccuracy.