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Jeffrey Thomas

Advisory Attorney

Jeffrey F. Thomas is an experienced attorney with over 30 years of legal practice. In 1982, he obtained his Juris Doctorate from Nova Southeastern University with Magna Cum Laude, where he also served as a law review editor for the Nova Law Review. In 1989, the Florida bar certified Jeffrey as an expert in Marital and Family law.

Since then, Jeffrey has represented many different professionals, including doctors, lawyers, accountants, entertainers, politicians, and numerous high-profile cases. He has experience in marital, family law, criminal cases, and estate planning.

Jeffrey has a military background and was ranked a sergeant in the Army. Outside of work, he is a loving grandfather who enjoys learning new things with his granddaughter, some of his favorite subjects are physics and neuroscience. Jeffrey describes himself as an intuitive and creative individual.


“At Travis Walker Law, we’re more than a legal team—we’re a force for justice. From attorneys to admin staff, we’re united in providing top-tier legal care while fighting for social causes like ending human trafficking and environmental stewardship. Every day, we walk with our clients through challenges, ensuring they emerge with both legal resolution and renewed hope.”

- Jeffrey Thomas

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