Treasure Coast Food Bank – Out Run Hunger 5K Race

TCFB 5k Out Run Hunger

The Treasure Coast Food Bank, the eminent hunger-relief organization on Florida’s Treasure Coast, celebrated another successful edition of its ‘Out Run Hunger 5K Race’. This year marked the third annual event, and it continued its legacy of bringing hope to thousands while emphasizing the importance of community and unity.

The 3rd Annual Out Run Hunger 5K Race was not just an opportunity for participants to showcase their athleticism, but a beacon of hope for the less fortunate. Through the determination and spirit of the participants and sponsors, the event was able to raise a remarkable $23,891. This commendable effort translates to providing 191,128 nutritious meals to the needy across the four-county region, ensuring no one goes to bed hungry.

The success of this year’s race was in large part due to the sponsorship by The Law Offices of Travis R. Walker. Their commitment to the cause and the community was evident in their significant support, both financially and through active participation. In fact, the firm not only sponsored the event but also had a runner representing them, embodying the spirit of both athleticism and charity.

In conclusion, the 3rd Annual Out Run Hunger 5K Race was more than just a race. It was a testament to the power of community, the importance of giving back, and the enduring commitment of organizations like the Treasure Coast Food Bank and The Law Offices of Travis R. Walker. As we celebrate the success of this year’s event, we look forward to future endeavors that continue to fight hunger and feed hope on the Treasure Coast.

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