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How to Avoid Alimony in Florida

How To Avoid Alimony in Florida

Learn strategies for avoiding alimony in Florida. The Law Offices of Travis R. Walker, P.A., can help you understand Florida’s alimony types and ...
is alimony taxable in florida

Is Alimony Taxable in Florida?

Alimony is a key component of many divorces. One partner may be required to make payments to the other after the marriage is ...
Parents giving each other money for child

Common Alimony Myths

Currently, the Center for Disease Control estimates that for every 1,000 people, there are 3.2 divorces. Divorce is astonishingly common, yet for every ...
Receiving alimony for child

How to Get Alimony in Florida

Alimony is the method by which a person with greater financial resources supports a former spouse after a divorce. This support is available ...
Attorneys working on alimony for family

Alimony vs. Spousal Support

There are several types of payments that one spouse can make to another either during a dissolution of marriage proceeding or after a ...
Family during covid

Child Support and Alimony Changes in Florida Due to COVID-19

COVID-19 has brought on many changes for families across Florida. As a result, child support, visitation, and alimony may all be impacted to ...
Husband giving child alimony

What Happens If I Fail to Pay Alimony in Florida?

People pay alimony for various reasons. In the majority of cases, you pay alimony because you either agreed to pay an ex-spouse, and ...
Calculating alimony

How is Alimony Calculated in Florida?

The subject of alimony can be a difficult one, and most men and women have very different opinions on it. Some believe that ...
Family with alimony

What You Need to Know About Alimony in Florida

Alimony is a common factor in many divorce cases. However, regardless of popular belief, not every spouse who requests alimony will receive it. ...

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