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A boy facing his fighting parents

The Process of Terminating Parental Rights in Florida

Terminating parental rights in Florida is a complicated legal process. Whether you want to place a child with an adoptive family and voluntarily …

Do Grandparents Have Visitation Rights in Florida?

Do Grandparents Have Visitation Rights in Florida?

Do grandparents have visitation rights in Florida? The Law Offices of Travis R. Walker P.A. provides information about the legal options available to …

how can the father get full custody

How Can a Father Get Full Custody in Florida?

The father can only get full custody of a child in some cases in Florida. It usually occurs if the court believes awarding …

Florida temporary custody order

How Long Does a Temporary Custody Order Last in Florida?

Temporary custody is awarded to a non-parent family member when the parents are not in a position to provide for the care of …

sole custody vs. joint custody

What’s the Difference Between Sole and Shared Custody?

Dealing with a child custody case isn’t easy. You need to understand sole custody versus joint custody and how each option will impact …

Father with child

Do You Know the Child Custody Rights in Florida?

In Florida, a custody arrangement is determined based on many factors, all of them centered on the child’s best interest. Custody law in …

Your Three Steps to Moving Forward

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