The Elliot Museum’s Highway Men Exhibit – Community Involvement

stuart florida highwaymen elliot museum

The Elliot Museum’s Highway Men Exhibit has been proudly sponsored and supported by the esteemed Law Offices of Travis R. Walker, P.A. This extraordinary event serves as a beacon, illuminating the history of the Highwaymen and their profound impact on our collective narrative.

Emerging during the challenging era of Jim Crow in the 1950s, these self-taught African-American artists from the Treasure Coast found solace and opportunity in painting Florida’s vibrant landscapes. Fondly known as the “Highwaymen,” they traversed the highways, peddling their art from the trunks of their cars, thereby earning their evocative nickname. Today, their remarkable paintings have rightfully earned a place of honor in the renowned Smithsonian, while each of the Highwaymen artists is commemorated in the esteemed Florida Artists Hall of Fame.

The exhibition, titled “Highwaymen—From the Street Corner to the Smithsonian,” showcases a stunning collection of previously unseen paintings. While many of their works capture the essence of Florida’s well-known landscapes and iconic poinciana trees, certain pieces in this exhibit delve deeper, telling stories through depictions of people from the 1950s, animals, and intimate vistas.

A prominent feature of this Florida Highwaymen exhibit is the expansive “Canvas Board Wall,” showcasing their early works, including pieces by Harold Newton, one of the group’s founding members. Additionally, a Tribute Wall dedicated to Roy McLendon, who drew inspiration from his neighbor Newton, pays homage to their enduring artistic legacy. Visitors can experience the captivating Florida Highwaymen exhibit until July 14, 2023.

Travis chose to sponsor this exceptional exhibition due to the connection to Fort Pierce, a local city, as well as the impact on the community’s cultural richness and the breathtaking artwork on display.

elliot museum highwaymen
elliot museum highwaymen

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