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The Law Offices of Travis R. Walker P.A. got the opportunity to officially partner with FCCC for the first time for the Summer Conference and 40 Year Anniversary Celebration in West Palm Beach. Here we hosted a reception on the 25th complete with a 12-foot ice beer wall, photo booth, giveaways, food, and of course, full bar. This event gave us an opportunity for our attorneys and staff to meet the clerks and staff members they work with day in and day out and to make some new connections with those they may not.

We had so much fun and the reception seemed to be such a hit, we are ready to do it again!! Please join our firm as we host a reception for the FCCC Fall Conference in Jacksonville on October 4th on River Terrace 3. This reception will feature a new ice beer wall with local craft beer selections, low country boil themed food and an outside area sure to impress and bring you right into the beauty of Jacksonville. We plan to celebrate now representing 31 clerks throughout the state of FL as we are proud and excited to work with each one. We hope you get a chance to stop by and meet Travis and the Clerk Services/Tax Deed Team.

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