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Enduring a divorce is a difficult and emotional time, and the legal process can be overwhelming. You need an advocate who will keep your best interests at heart. The Law Offices of Travis R. Walker, P.A., has a team of Palm Beach divorce lawyers ready to support you every step of the way. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help.

Going through a divorce can mean struggling to navigate the emotional and legal complexities of the divorce process. When a couple seeks a divorce, they frequently face legal difficulties regarding splitting up assets, agreeing on child custody arrangements and child support, as well as calculating alimony payments.

You do not have to go through the divorce process alone. Seeking professional legal counsel from a Palm Beach divorce lawyer at the Law Offices of Travis R. Walker, P.A., will give you someone fighting for your best interests every step of the way. Contact the Palm Beach Law Offices of Travis R. Walker, PA, to learn more about how we can help.

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The Law Offices of Travis R. Walker, P.A., has a proven track record of providing top-notch divorce representation to clients in Palm Beach County. Our attorneys have expertise in the nuanced and specific divorce laws and regulations in the Palm Beach area and will be able to guide you through the legal process in the local courts.

The qualified and professional divorce team at our West Palm Beach office offers personalized attention and a carefully tailored approach to give each client the representation they deserve. When you choose the Law Offices of Travis R. Walker, PA, to represent you in your divorce case, you can trust that our attorneys will fight for your best interests and your family’s needs.

We can handle all types of divorce-related matters, including: 

Understanding Divorce Laws in Palm Beach County

Florida is a no-fault divorce state, meaning that the spouse seeking the divorce does not need to prove fault or wrongdoing by the other spouse. One spouse must only state that the marriage is “irretrievably broken” to pursue a divorce. One party can initiate the divorce by filing a petition for dissolution of marriage in the county in which both parties most recently lived together.

Florida does have specific residency requirements for a legal divorce. At least one of the parties involved in the divorce must have been a Florida resident for at least six months before filing the divorce petition. If at least one party has resided in Palm Beach County for at least six months, a divorce petition can be filed in the Palm Beach County courts.

What is Equitable Distribution?

Under Florida divorce laws, assets and property are typically divided using equitable distribution. Rather than being divided 50/50, all assets and properties jointly owned during the marriage will be split up based on various factors. These factors include:

This is not an exhaustive list of factors a judge may consider, and this is frequently subject to emotional and complex negotiation. It is important to evaluate the value of assets during this process correctly. 

Especially in high-net-worth cases involving the division of valuable Palm Beach real estate properties and assets, the expertise of a divorce attorney, such as the lawyers at the Law Offices of Travis R. Walker, P.A., can be invaluable in helping to protect your assets and arrive at a fair division.

Child Custody and Support in Palm Beach

When determining child custody arrangements and child support in Palm Beach, the courts will decide matters based on the child’s best interests. Thus, they will evaluate several factors, such as the following:

Custody involves two elements—legal and physical custody. Legal custody allows a parent to make decisions about important aspects of their child’s life, such as health care, education, and upbringing. Physical custody includes where the child lives and visitation schedules. Your child custody agreement will likely involve a parenting plan that provides a clear framework for parental rights and responsibilities. 

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Parents have a legal duty to provide for their children financially whether or not they live with them. Thus, child support is a major part of the Florida divorce process. Florida courts calculate child support by considering each parent’s income and the cost of raising the child. In Palm Beach County, child support payments are paid through the county using the child support case number.

The Law Offices of Travis R. Walker, PA, is committed to protecting your rights during custody and support negotiations and proceedings. Our divorce team will advocate for you while ensuring your child’s best interests are served.

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Spousal Support in Palm Beach County

Florida courts may grant the following types of spousal support:

Previously, permanent alimony was also an option to provide long-term support to one partner. It was most frequently awarded after marriages that have lasted a long time. However, a recent law eliminated it.

Some factors that affect alimony calculations include the length of the marriage, the income of each partner, and whether one party sacrificed a career or education during the marriage. 

The Benefits of Mediation in Palm Beach Divorces

In many cases, mediation is a worthwhile alternative to taking a divorce case to trial. During the mediation process, the spouses will meet with their attorneys and a third-party mediator. Together, they will negotiate the divorce terms, including division of assets, child custody, and alimony.

The attorneys at The Law Offices of Travis R. Walker, P.A., understand the complex and often emotional mediation process and have a long history of facilitating productive mediation sessions that result in positive client outcomes. 

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The Law Offices of Travis R. Walker, P.A., has a strong track record of successfully advocating for clients going through the divorce process in the Palm Beach area.

Here are some examples of what past clients have said about our representation:

Visit our testimonials page to read more stories from Palm Beach residents who have benefited from our representation in their divorce cases.

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Having an experienced divorce attorney on your side to provide professional representation during legal proceedings is vital to protecting your best interests. A trustworthy lawyer can help guide you through the division of assets, child custody, child support, and alimony determinations while fighting for you every step of the way.

Consult the Law Offices of Travis R. Walker, P.A., today for a smoother, more equitable divorce process in Palm Beach County. 

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