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A divorce can be stressful, overwhelming, and emotional for the whole family. Dividing assets and liabilities is just one financial discussion; child support is another.

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If you and/or your spouse are considering filing for divorce, and have questions about child support, then contact an experienced divorce attorney in Stuart, Florida.

How Child Support Works in Florida

Florida State law requires the Court judge to ensure children receive financial support, which cannot be unilaterally waived by one or both parents.

Florida State Guidelines

Child support is a legal requirement in the State of Florida. The State follows the Florida Child Support Guidelines, found at Florida Statute 61.30 to aid in the process of drafting a child support order. These guidelines also ensure that the amount of child support parents must pay to support their children is fair. Under this statute, the amount of child support is presumptive, which means that the Court must order the amount provided for in the guidelines.

However, the guidelines are merely guidelines; they aren’t a guarantee that parents will have to pay a specified amount. There are several factors and circumstances that go into calculating child support and are reviewed on a case by case basis.

For example, what a parent is ordered to pay may be higher or lower than what is dictated in the guidelines when other factors are considered, such as if a child has high medical expenses.

Calculating Child Support

The State of Florida follows an “Income Shares Model” for calculating child support. This means that the Court will attempt to estimate the amount of money the parents would have spent on their child or children had they remained married. This amount is then divided between the two parents, based on their incomes.

In regards to the process of calculating child support, both parties are required to complete financial affidavits that detail income and expenses. The financial affidavits are then filed with the Court. Depending on the circumstances of the case, there are many factors used to calculate the amount of child support. These factors include:

  • The income of each parent
  • The number of overnight stays the child spends with each parent
  • Taxes
  • Health insurance
  • Employment-related daycare costs
  • Other state guidelines, as applicable

A popular misconception is that household expenses can be used to reduce support. However, this generally isn’t true. All in all, working with an experienced child support attorney in Stuart, Florida can help navigate Florida child support laws.

How The Law Offices of Travis R. Walker Can Help

At the Law Offices of Travis R. Walker, we understand that parents who are going through a divorce are most concerned about their children. Our legal team is available to help guide parents through the process of completing financial affidavits related to child support and filing all the necessary paperwork with the Court.

If you have questions or need help with child support, then contact our team today for a consultation.

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