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COVID-19 continues to create a lot of challenges for many people across the country. In fact, Florida is facing some unique difficulties as COVID-19 numbers continue to climb. The state has closed several types of businesses, including bars.

Bars were allowed to reopen on June 5th, with diminished standing-room occupancy. However, the Governor’s Emergency Order 2020-09, which was released on June 26th, 2020 reverses course from the original plan released at the beginning of June.

Getting Help When It’s Needed Most

Bars and restaurants have a special place in Travis Walker’s heart. Although he has been practicing law for more than a decade, he paid his way through college by bussing tables. Therefore, he was taken aback by the Order and continues to feel that it was completely arbitrary. Travis believes there is no reason that bars should be singled out as a place that can spread Coronavirus any more than any other business.

As a result, he’s taking on bar owners pro bono (free of charge) if they need legal assistance.

Travis explained, “These are the cases that you go to law school for, to help out businesses that are being subjected to what we believe is an arbitrary practice.”

How Can You Argue Against the State?

Travis is representing bar owners across the State of Florida and working to get injunctions put in place that will pause or limit the enforcement of the Governor’s June 26 Executive Order. Travis and his team are also making arguments related to:

  • Equal protection under the State Constitution
  • Failure to provide just compensation for taking away a citizen’s rights

Travis plans to explore various additional legal avenues to address the bar owner’s legal rights as well. He states: “Are they slam dunk cases? No. But we feel strongly about them, and we feel like it’s a good fight to go fight.”

He notes that no one has any idea how long the bars will remain closed under the June 26 Executive Order. For many businesses, this level of uncertainty can lead to serious financial difficulty. On the other hand, being proactive could help save many Florida bars from closing their doors permanently.

Other Challenges for Bars and Restaurant Owners

Many bars are also turning to their insurance companies for help. They are filing claims for lost business and hoping that insurance will help them stay afloat while they cannot generate revenue. Unfortunately, insurance companies are not providing sufficient business interruption coverage as they should.

Travis and his team are also filing lawsuits against insurance companies for these denials, where appropriate. Travis is taking cases where insurance companies are acting in bad faith on a contingency basis. This means that the bar or business does not pay for legal services related to that lawsuit unless Travis and his team win.

You Can Do Something. Get Help.

As a bar owner in the State of Florida, you don’t have to watch your business burn through financial resources while you are closed. Talk to the Law Offices of Travis R. Walker today. They can help you explore your options at no cost to you. Call today for a consultation.


John 3:16

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