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Hi, this is Travis Walker with The Law Offices of Travis R. Walker.

One of the questions we often get asked is, “Is it okay for me to switch attorneys during the middle of a case?”

Yes, you have the right as a client to be represented by whichever attorney you want to be represented by. So if you’re unhappy with your current counsel and you want to switch attorneys, you certainly have the right to do so. Now, the representation agreement that you have may have some issues if there’s an unpaid balance and you may have to pay to get the file released but you always have the right to be represented by the attorney who you want to have representation by.

That can be done either through a Motion to Withdraw by your current counsel or if you hire a new attorney, that attorney can handle a Substitution of Counsel and then become the new attorney of record in the case. Motion to Withdraws and Substitutions of Counsel are definitely a part of the process and ethically we’re required to allow our clients to pick the attorney and choose a new attorney if they want a different attorney.