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When you are injured in an accident, whether it’s a car accident or a slip and fall accident, you need to focus on healing and getting back on your feet—literally. But, unfortunately, you also have to deal with the legal aspects of your personal injury claim.

A good personal injury lawyer will do the legwork for you, such as gather evidence, deal with insurance companies, and process your personal injury claim on your behalf, so you can focus on your health.

Choosing the right personal injury attorney in Florida is an important decision, and it is one that shouldn’t be made lightly. Your attorney will guide you through your case, which sometimes can take up to a year or longer. Having trust and a good relationship with this person will be extremely important.

There are many personal injury attorneys in Florida that are available. But how do you make sure you choose the right one that is the best fit for you and your situation? Here are the top four factors to consider when choosing a personal injury attorney in Florida.

1. Experience and Specialty

Like doctors, specialists, or teachers, it is virtually impossible to know everything about every subject. Therefore, most attorneys specialize in a few key practice areas. This also allows them to serve their clients better. You should seek out a personal injury attorney who has experience dealing with cases like yours. Be sure to ask questions about how long he or she has been practicing, other cases that are similar to yours, and his or her track record.

2. Billing and Fees

Attorneys will generally bill in one of three ways:

  1. A bill-by-the-hour arrangement
  2. A contingent fee
  3. A flat fee

Most personal injury attorneys charge contingency fees. This means that you only pay your personal injury attorney if he or she wins your case. Most contingency fees are paid as a percentage of your total settlement. For example, if your personal injury settlement is $100,000, and your personal injury attorney’s contingency fee is 40 percent, then you will pay your attorney $40,000.

3. Communication and Convenience

Being able to get in touch with your lawyer is important. You should be able to ask questions and get updates on your case when needed. If your lawyer does not return your phone calls or does not appropriately answer questions, then that can become a serious problem and damage your relationship. Many personal injury victims prefer to have a local personal injury attorney in the Stuart, Fort Pierce, or Tallahassee area that they can meet with in person, as needed. Having an attorney that lives in another part of the state or that does not have an office near you can be burdensome and inconvenient.

4. Trust and Understanding

Perhaps the most important factor to consider when choosing a lawyer is trust. Does this lawyer seem like he or she knows what they are talking about? Are they able to explain things to you in a way that makes sense? Do you feel like you can share private information about your case or your personal life with this person? Having a trusting relationship with your attorney is absolutely vital. Again, you could spend up to a year or longer working with an attorney, so it’s important to make sure that he or she is a good fit. You can only know if you will have a good relationship with a lawyer by meeting with them.

Contact an Experienced Personal Injury Attorney in Florida

At the Law Offices of Travis R. Walker, PA, we encourage our clients to meet with us in person or through remote meetings to get a feel for who we are and how we can help. We take the time to learn about each individual client, his or her situation, needs, and case. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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