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Experienced in Family Law, Divorce, Estate Planning, & More

If you’re looking for one of the best family law attorneys in Treasure Coast, FL, you owe it to yourself to contact The Law Offices of Travis R. Walker, PA. Our law firm has over 125 years of combined experience in legal matters involving family law, estate planning, real estate law, divorce law, child custody law, personal injury law, and more. We’re also proud to serve over half of Florida’s Court Clerks & Comptrollers, providing legal research, contract review, and best practice advice concerning tax deeds to partners all over the state. With offices in Stuart, Tallahassee, and West Palm Beach, our law firm represents clients along The Treasure Coast and the Palm Beaches. Please contact us today to request a consultation. You may either use the convenient form found below or call us to speak with someone from our professional team.

Aggressive Representation for Various Family Law Issues

Our family law lawyers provide aggressive representation and compassionate advice on various issues. Whether you’re going through a divorce, seeking child custody or support, establishing paternal rights, or attempting to adopt a child, we’re here to help. Our divorce attorneys are experienced inequitable distribution, pre-and postnuptial agreements, alimony, and child support proceedings. We ensure your rights are understood and recognized, working diligently on your behalf throughout any necessary mediations, hearings, and trials. We’re also adept at perfecting parenting plans to determine how much time a child spends with each parent, as outlined under Florida law.

Do You Need Help with Estate Planning or the Probate Process?

Many factors go into estate planning and establishing a last will and testament. Our estate planning attorneys will see that your personal preferences are taken into consideration. From the designation of a health care surrogate to establishing the power of attorney, a special needs trust, or a pet trust on your behalf, we’ll help you secure your legacy with dignity. If you’re the family of someone who has passed on, our knowledgeable Florida probate attorneys are here to facilitate the probate process. We’re here to see that your loved one’s wishes are carried out, and their assets are properly distributed.

Recover Your Losses with Our Skilled Personal Injury Attorneys

Accidents can happen anywhere, anytime, and they often result in personal injury or tragedy. When you need accident or personal injury attorneys, it’s comforting to know The Law Offices of Travis R. Walker, PA has your back. We have helped countless accident victims recover physical, emotional, and financial losses caused by someone else’s negligence. Whether you were injured in a boating, car, or motorcycle accident or as the result of medical malpractice, we want to hear your story and offer our assistance.

Wading Through Real Estate and Foreclosures

Whether you’re purchasing or selling real estate or dealing with a foreclosure from the bank, these complex issues require a specialized attorney. Our attorneys have experience with real estate transactions and litigation, land use and zoning laws, property partitioning, and issues with condominium and homeowner’s associations. If you’re struggling with debt and facing an impending foreclosure, you may be feeling anxiety, stress, or embarrassment. You’re in capable hands with our knowledgeable attorneys. We would be happy to defend you during the proceedings or negotiate with your lenders. Contact our compassionate team today to discuss your case.

Why Choose The Law Offices of Travis R. Walker, PA?

Selecting a law firm to represent you is not a decision to be taken lightly. You can feel confident in the decision to retain The Law Offices of Travis R. Walker, PA. We’re renowned for being among the best family law attorneys along The Treasure Coast. You may check our client reviews for further reassurance that we’re the right firm for your legal needs. Specializing in solid, aggressive, and compassionate advocacy and representation, we work hard to help every client pursue the best possible outcome and achieve their long-term goals. Reach out today for a consultation.

Fill Out Our Form to Get a Case Evaluation from Our Firm

If you have questions or would like to retain our law firm, please contact one of our offices in Stuart, Tallahassee, or West Palm Beach. Our family law attorneys offer consultations to prospective clients, providing you with the opportunity to meet with our team and see how our lawyers can serve your legal needs. Please fill out the form below, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible!

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West Palm Beach Office – By Appointment Only

777 S Flagler Dr, West Tower #800
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8:30 AM – 5:30 PM

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