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Travis Walker joined Paul Sexton and Pastor Maryanne Kehlenbach on the WLX-TV St. Lucie Program to discuss board member roles, community involvement and support today. The episode can be seen on ch. 13 (Ft. Pierce), ch. 19 (Port St. Lucie), Ch. 99 (At&T U verse) and SLPS District Wireless EBS channel 36 and at

Travis is the incoming Vice Chairman of the governing board for Hibiscus Children’s Center. The Center is looking for a new CEO so they will discuss how that transition will work while staying active in the community and keeping the children their primary focus.

The Hibiscus Children’s Center has been providing food, shelter and other needed supplies and support to children removed from their homes due to abuse, abandonment, or neglect for 30 years. The Hibiscus Tilton Family Shelter in Jensen Beach, Hibiscus Village in Vero Beach and the Sanctuary4Kids Emergency Shelter in Port St. Lucie have provided over 325,000 nights of safety to abused, abandoned and neglected children. Children and teens housed by the Hibiscus Children’s Center are offered therapeutic counseling, medical attention, and scholastic as well as career development skills. Literacy assessments and one-on-one remedial reading sessions are provided while school liaisons monitor their academic progress. The Hibiscus Center helps children to expand their minds by going to cultural outings, being exposed to the arts and participating in school extracurricular activities. The onsite libraries assure these children have access to reading material they need. The centers also provide services to families in efforts to mitigate the potential of child abuse and alleviate stress and turmoil in children’s lives. The Hibiscus Community Services office offers mental health services and sexual abuse therapy to children and their families either in their homes, at the Hibiscus Office or in a mutually convenient place. We are lucky to support and be a part of causes like this across the Treasure Coast.

John 3:16

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