Civil Litigation

The Firm recognizes that trial and litigation are not always in the best interests of its clients, and when appropriate will work to swiftly resolve cases through dismissal and settlement. This results in a reduction of time and resources. However, when negotiation, mediation and other dispute resolution means are unsuccessful, our office is prepared to litigate aggressively on behalf of its clients. We invite you to contact us to become better acquainted with the firm, and our work in Civil Litigation.

The Law Offices of Travis R. Walker, P.A. has represented numerous Plaintiffs and Defendants in actions across the country.  This includes real estate litigation including foreclosure defense, property damage, annexation disputes, encroachments, boundary disputes, easements, contract disputes, lease disputes and evictions.  We also handle homeowner’s association and condominium association disputes.

We also handle business disputes including disagreements between members of LLCs or partners in partnerships or shareholders in corporations.  We have litigated intellectual property disputes in federal court including issues involving trademarks and trade dress.

Our office also handles products liabilities issues, including medical devices and defective drugs.  Travis R. Walker based upon his leadership with products liability issues was appointed to the Science Committee in the Xarelto litigation in the Eastern District of Louisiana’s Multi-District Litigation before Judge Eldon E. Fallon.

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